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Interview with Jonquiere and Luley, written by Matt Vickers, published

Matt Vickers, the widower of assisted dying advocate Lecretia Seales, wrote an article about assisted dying in New Zealand, and compared the New Zealand situation to the situation in the Netherlands and Switzerland. In March, this article was published by NOTED, a journalism website in New Zealand. 


In the article, Vickers interviewed two persons who know very well the situation in these two countries. Rob Jonquiere is nowadays known as the director of the Worldfederation, but used to work as general practioner in the Netherlands, and was director of the Dutch Right to Die association NVVE for a long time. Silvan Luley is manager of the Swiss Dignitas organisation.  


The interview shows the differences between the three countries and the way the two European countries can inspire New Zealand to create legislation on (medical) aid in dying.  


Also read this article (2018) about Vickers efforts to help realize the ‘End of Life Choice Bill’ in New Zealand.