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Is the British Medical Association listening?

The British Medical Association (BMA) for the first time talked to members of the public about the issue of assisted dying for the terminally ill.

This week they published findings from their ongoing research project into end-of-life care and assisted dying. They called on the government to prioritise end-of-life care and encouraged them to address the current unacceptable variations in end-of-life care provision.
Historically, the BMA have shown an unwillingness to engage with the issue of assisted dying having never sought the views of its membership or acknowledged the overwhelming levels of public support for further choice at the end of life.

Dignity in Dying UK comments: Therefore, it is encouraging that their research project involved events where the public and doctors were invited to voice their opinions.
Unsurprisingly, both members of the public and doctors recognised that changing the law on assisted dying would lead to improved communication and allow doctors to facilitate a ‘good death’.
It is critical the BMA listens to these results.