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Italian Constitutional Court now officially rules that aid in suicide is, under certain conditions, not punishable

In a judgment of 22 November, the Constitutional Court of Italy has established that, in certain conditions, a patient subjected to unbearable suffering can be helped to die, and that this aid must be provided by the National Health System.

the website of Luca Coscioni you can read more about this case.
For instance a paper about this case (in Italian). We made a translation of this paper to English.  

Official Court publications

16 November 2018
Order 207/2018 (Italian / English)
– Press release: Punishability of suicide help: the discipline to the legislator of limits. (Italian / English)

25 September 2019
Press release: Waiting for the parliament, consultation is pronounced on end of life (Italian / English)

22 November 2019
Sentence 242/2019 (Italian / English)
Press release: End of life: When suicide help is not punishable (Italian / English