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Japanese doctors arrested again

On May 12, the police issued arrest warrants for the same two doctors, who were charged last August on suspicion of killing a woman with a progressive degenerative disease at her request. The police also arrested the mother of one of them, Ms. Yamamoto.

Reason for the arrests was the discovering of emails between the 3 people about the cremation of Yasushi Yamamoto, the father of one of the doctors. In the emails the doctors also discussed how to write the death certificate of mr. Yamamoto. He had been hospitalized in Nagano for mental illness, but on March 5, 2011 he was about to be transferred to another hospital, according to the investigation. He would have died that day.

The Kyoto prosecutor’s office has not disclosed whether these 3 people admitted or denied the charges, nor what role each of them may have played in the death of mister Yamamoto. 

When the two doctors were charged Last August, they were suspected for giving a 51-year-old woman, suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), a lethal dose of a sedative at her home in Kyoto in November. 2019. Before her death, the woman had transferred money to the bank account of Dr. Yamamoto.