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Jersey States Members approve assisted dying proposition

On November 25, States Members of the Island of Jersey approved in-principle to support assisted dying legislation. The proposition followed a citizens’ jury report, which showed that 78% of jury members supported assisted dying for adults living with a terminal illness or unbearable suffering, subject to safeguards.

Following a two-day debate on the issue, States Members voted by 36 to 10 today in support of the principle of assisted dying, meaning Jersey is the first place in the British Isles to do so. During the debate, Deputy Guida accepted an amendment by Deputy Kirsten Morel, which added an extra stage to the process, with Deputy Morel saying he wanted further detail on the process and safeguards to be considered in a follow-up debate.

What’s next?

Draft legislation is expected to be brought back to politicians after the 2022 election, for the next Assembly to decide on.

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