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Judicial supervision in France for a 87-year-old woman who helped her husband to die

Begin August, in France, a 87-year-old woman was indicted and placed under judicial control, suspected of having killed her 90-year-old husband. The woman, who admitted to having killed him to shorten his suffering, was taken into custody. She was indicted but left free, under judicial supervision.

The octogenarian told the police to have “put an end to the days of her husband”, suffering from terminal cancer, “at his request”. She then allegedly attempted to commit suicide. She explained that she had done so using a 36-caliber revolver-type firearm. After being hospitalized, in shock, the 87-year-old lady was heard by the gendarmes, seized of the investigation. At the end of the hearing she was placed in police custody for “intentional homicide by spouse”.

According to La Voix du Nord, it was decided that the pensioner should not be imprisoned after the debate before the judge of freedoms and detention and the requisitions of the prosecution. Not presenting any danger to society, she was left free. Placed under judicial control, it includes “the obligations to fix one’s residence”, “to respond to summons” and “to justify psychological care”.

The tragedy took place against a backdrop of difficult end of life . The investigation must now establish whether or not it was an assisted suicide as part of a common project.

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