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Lawmakers and academics open debate on legalization of euthanasia in Mexico

Within the framework of Euthanasia Week June 20-24 in Mexico, lawmakers, academics and experts are discussing the need for legislation governing assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. The week-long conference is an opportunity for advocates to plead their case for laws regarding end-of-life issues and to introduce the option of assisted suicide and euthanasia nationwide.

It is currently illegal to assisted someone in dying in Mexico, regardless of their diagnosis and wishes, a fact that doesn’t keep euthanasia from happening, says Reyes Carmona, one of the organizers of the week. “Euthanasia is illegal just like abortion. Abortion in our country is outlawed and yet it continues to be carried out. I believe that even though euthanasia is not regulated in this country, the practice continues,” he said, adding that euthanasia should be an option for any terminal ill patient who wants to die with dignity.

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