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Luxembourg End-Of-Life Tourism Fears Unfounded

“Fears that Luxembourg would become a country for end-of-life tourism have not been proven”, the head of the assisted suicide monitoring body has said.
Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, president of the national commission for the control and evaluation of the application of the law on euthanasia and assisted suicide Lotty Prussen said that some 71 cases of euthanasia or assisted suicide were reported since the euthanasia and assisted suicide act entered into force in 2009.

Prussen presented the report for the years 2017-2018 to the health commission and explained that the number of euthanasia or assisted suicide cases in Luxembourg was significantly lower than in Belgium or the Netherlands. The majority of patients had terminal cancer and the majority of euthanasia procedures were carried out in hospitals, she explained. She stressed the need for further training in end-of-life management for doctors, saying it should form part of medical school training. The commission also wants to see better awareness raising and information on end-of-life provision in Luxembourg.

A draft bill drawn up by the health ministry will soon be tabled in parliament that would treat the death of a person dying as the result of euthanasia or assisted suicide as a natural death.