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Luxembourg reform lost by one vote

In the Luxembourg Parliament on March 12, 2003, a Resolution /bill drawn up by Jean Huss (vice-president of ADMD-L and Representative of the “Green” party and the Socialist Parliamentarian Lydie Err (founding member of ADMD-L) was debated and voted on in Parliament. This Resolution pleading for the decriminalization of voluntary euthanasia under specific conditions missed adoption by one voice — 27 for and 28 against with one abstention and 4 absentees who did not vote.

The sad thing is that all 19 members of the ruling Catholic party (in coalition with the Democrats) voted a solid NO, although the Prime Minister (also Catholic party) had mentioned that this subject was of a very personal important, not a party-decision, which of course it was. Of the 13 liberal-democratic party, 5 voted against, and the socialists, all 13, but one voted for, Our one communist did not vote … a minor party ADR, 2 for, 4 no, and of course, Huss’ Greens party, all 5 for.

With the pending election in June 2004, Huss wants to make this an issue. It is quite possible that the now-ruling coalition will change and that the socialists will come in again, so we can but hope that next time, we shall get it through. In the meantime, we shall have to work hard at it. A first effort will be Dr Dominique Lossignol, of Belgium, giving a talk at our AGM, end of this month.

By Marthy Putz