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Memoir of Derek Humphry “Good Life, Good Death” published

Long time – he is acknowledged as initiator and motivator of the debates and developments in the USA and the world – Right to Die Pioneer Derek Humphry finally found the time to write down his memoirs. As the front flap on the book rightly states, the book with a Foreword by Stephen Jamison tells the reader “How an ordinary British Journalist became the Spokesperson for a Movement”.  Reading the story of his life, Humphry takes you along his route of life-events towards his final destination as expert on the issue, as writer of Final Exit (a bible for the movement internationally) and of other books on the issue, as initiator of Hemlock and of course as the renowned and engaged ‘grand old man’ of the euthanasia movement.

In easy to read words and sentences Derek Humphry takes you along on his way, frankly telling of his ups and downs in life, his background and family, his career in journalism, his personal drama’s with Jean, his wife that effectively learnt him to move on the path of end-of-life and self determination.

The back flap concludes rightly: “To know why he has maintained this struggle for choice  in dying, against powerful religious and political forces, it is necessary to understand the whole man. In Good Life, Good Death readers will appreciate the fight he has gone through so that others might consider the option of dying with dignity”.

Worth reading!

The book can be ordered:

Good Life, Good Death: The Memoir of a Right to Die Pioneer by Derek Humphry (Author), Stephen Jamison (Foreword) Carrel Books, New York. 156 pages. Illustrated. Hardcover $34.99

ISBN-13: 978-1631440663

ISBN-10: 1631440667

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