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MS-sufferer challenges Irish Criminal Law Suicide Act (1993)

Marie Fleming (59) – now in the end stages of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), diagnosed in 1986 – wants to die, and therefore is challenging the State, the Irish Attorney General and the DPP. The session of the Irish High Court started early December. Submissions will also be made by the Human Rights CommissionMs Fleming is confined to a wheelchair, unable to move any of her limbs and her speech and swallowing are significantly affected.

“I want to die in my own bed, in my house and in my home area. I want to die with dignity and in a peaceful and gentle way consistent with the way in which my partner Tom and I have lived our lives.” In her statement, the 59-year-old said that she is not afraid to die and she regrets that she did not take her own life before she lost the use of her arms. However, because of her disability, she now requires assistance to die.

Her partner Tom Curran said that he will do all he can to help her.If he does, he could face prosecution and a jail sentence of up to 14 years under Section 2.2 of the Criminal Law Suicide Act of 1993.

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