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New campaign launched in France

He died 114 years ago, but would Émile Zola turn in his grave or would he be delighted instead to be deployed for the legalization of euthanasia? Imitating the famous article by the writer during the Dreyfus affair, ADMD-France is launching a new campaign to advance its cause and stigmatize the broken commitments of Governments. The visuals of the campaign start with a “J’accuse…!”, accusing France, “country of human rights, to let people die of hunger and thirst at the end-of-life”.

On the poster the famous slogan is repeated, meant for president Holland who, according to the ADMD, is guilty of having failed his commitment campaign No. 21, and for Jean Léonetti, co-author of the new law, accused of “reviewing a law made for physicians, by discarding, once more, patients and their requests”. This campaign is both viral (Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Facebook), but also in press release, since she will appear in 4th cover in the Ile-de-France on November 2 of the newspaper 20 Minutes.
ADMD-France has launched this new media offensive during November 2 – World Right to Die Day.