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New Canadian Association for providers of Medical Aid in Dying CAMAP organises Conference June 2&3, 2017

CAMAP is the (new) Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers. While they are predominantly an association of physicians and nurse practitioners, professionals interested in supporting this work are most welcome to join this new community and become associate CAMAP members. This includes nurses, pharmacists, speech & language specialists, administrators, law makers, lawyers, social workers, activists, counsellors and more.


CAMAP’s mission is to:


● Support MAiD Assessors and Providers in their work

● Educate the public and the health care community about MAiD

● Provide leadership on determining standards and guidelines in MAiD provision


A CAMAP Research meeting is scheduled for June 1st 5:30pm-9pm at the Hotel Grand Pacific. This is a chance to present your MAiD research-in-progress to colleagues and find collaborators for new projects.


Register here


The MAiD2017 conference is fast approaching. On June 2-3 they will be hosting the first national conference on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada.


See for information the CAMAP website.