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New Court Case: DignitySA joins in support of terminally ill patients

Dignity South Africa (DignitySA) is continuing its fight for terminally ill South Africans to die withdignity.  DignitySA will join as a plaintiff in an action instituted in the Gauteng Division of the High Court. The action was originally instituted by Dr Sue Walter who has been diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma and unfortunately has a life expectancy of about three years, as well by Dieter Harck who suffers from terminal motor neurone disease.

In the recent decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal in the matter of Robin Stransham-Ford it was held that assisted dying may under certain circumstances be lawful. DignitySA hopes to build on this judgement and support Dr Walter and Mr Harck in their brave action and so doing generate the legal precedent that should in turn result in the regulation and legalisation of assisted dying.

“The right to dignity in death is an urgent necessity for hundreds of South Africans. Terminally ill patients are the most vulnerable members of society living with considerable pain. It is a small but humane comfort we can give to allow for pain-free euthanasia,” said Prof Sean Davison of DignitySA.