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New Pubmed abstracts 2011-2012

A new summary of Pubmed abstracts on Right to Die Issues from 2011 onwards, can be found here. Subjects are:

  • Prevalence of formal accusations of murder and euthanasia against physicians.
  • Evolution of requests to hasten death among patients managed by palliative care teams in France: a multicentre cross-sectional survey.
  • Narratives of ‘terminal sedation’ and the importance of the intention-foresight distinction in palliative care practice.
  • Senior doctors’ opinions of rational suicide.
  • Medical end-of-life decisions: does its use differ in vulnerable patient groups?
  • A systematic review and meta-analysis.Opinions of health care professionals and the public after eight years of euthanasia legislation in the Netherlands: A mixed method approach.

    (thanks to prof. John Willoughby from Australia)