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Next stage for South-Australia in Voluntary Euthanasia legislation

On October 19 the South-Australian Parliament debated a new Death with Dignity Bill presented by Liberal MP Duncan McFetridge. The planned next stage debate on the original VE Bill 2016 from Labour MP Steph Key was – with her consent – postponed to the end of this year (possibly 1 December): her bill is NOT withdrawn. The new DwD Bill reflects the widespread consultation with fellow MPs and other stakeholders on the merits of the VE Bill 2016, and is considered to include robust safeguards in line with community expectations. The bill would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with medical assistance. These patients have presumably six months or less to live, suffer intolerable and their suffering cannot be relieved by any ‘reasonably available medical treatment’.  The nation’s first euthanasia law at a state level is a step closer after the debate on the 3rd of November in the South Australian parliament. Labour PM  pleads for support of the other parliamentarians. On November 17 the debate will continue. It is expected that a vote will be brought in the parliament. The Bill is the 15th attempt to legalize voluntary euthanasia in South Australia.