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Noel Conway: Terminally-ill man loses assisted dying challenge

Noel Conway, 68, who has motor neurone disease, has fought a legal battle for the right to a “peaceful and dignified” death.The retired lecturer challenged an earlier High Court rejection of his case at a hearing in May. Mr Conway, from Shrewsbury, said he now intends to take his fight to the Supreme Court. Mr Conway proposed he could only receive assistance to die if a High Court judge determined he met all three of those criteria. Speaking after the ruling he said: “I will keep fighting for myself and all terminally-ill people who want the right to die peacefully, with dignity and on our own terms.” He said his current options are to “effectively suffocate” by removing his ventilator, or spend thousands travelling to Switzerland to end his life and have his family risk prosecution. Mr Conway said it was “barbaric” for him to be forced to choose between the “unacceptable options” left open to him for his death.