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NVVE, Dutch Right to Die Society, launches website about international films

After the successful ending of the Film & Documentary Festival THE END in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2012, the NVVE decided to continue THE END in a digital form. The website This is the End is a gathering ground of background information on international documentaries and films regarding the subject of voluntary end-of-life decisions. Some documentaries and films can be watched online. The overview contains 81 documentaries and films  and 38 films can be seen directly online.

The site is (yet) in Dutch only – but we have been informed NVVE is looking into translation of the site. Nevertheless: look at the site and see it is international, which means some films are either English spoken or under titled.

Documentaries like The suicide Tourist, Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die and A dignified End (an English spoken Dutch documentary on a right to a dignified end) can be watched online.