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Portuguese consider two right-to-die bills in Parliament

In Portugal, two bills on dying with dignity are being discussed in Parliament. The bills would legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide.




The discussion is the most intense between the Catholic conservatives who are against, and the left-wingers from the Socialist government. The two main centre parties are divided, and are likely to allow their members to vote in freedom. The debate started in February. Supporters hope that the legislation that would allow doctors to assist terminally ill patients who no longer want to live will be ensured.


The former co-leader of the Left Bloc party, João Semedo, states that “preserving our dignity until the end of our lives is a substantial humanitarian right and the law has to protect that”. He is a medical doctor and a driving force behind the right-to-die campaign.


The anti-euthanasia campaigners already stated that they will continue to protest against the bills. 


The bill on euthanasia, presented by the Left Bloc Party, can be found here. The bill on assisted suicide, presented by PAN, can be found here. Both are in Portuguese only.