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Publication in Journal of NZ Medical Association on doctors’ and nurses’ views on AD

The Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association (Vol 130 No 1456: 2 June 2017) published a report from a study (Pam Oliver and Phillipa Malpas) which explored the views of doctors and nurses as to support for or opposition to legalising AD, including reasons for those views. The main conclusion can be that there is a substantial cohort of doctors and nurses in New Zealand who support legalising AD, potentially sufficient for reasonable seeker access to AD services once legalised.

While only 37% of doctors supported legalising AD in New Zealand, 67% of nurses were supportive.
Of those respondents who were willing in principle to provide AD services, large majorities identified a range of practical and ethical professional supports as essential to safe practitioner engagement. Those respondents overwhelmingly saw the provision of most of those supports as the responsibility of the medical and nursing professional bodies.

Read the whole publication here.