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Right to Die campaigner under strict supervision by Australian Medical Board

Philip Nitschke, renowned for his willingness to assist people to a humane death who want to end their life for medical or other reasons, has accepted 26 conditions on his ability to practice in a mediated settlement that concludes long-standing legal and tribunal proceedings.
Marshall Perron, who introduced Australia’s first voluntary euthanasia law,  has described Medical Board of Australia conditions of registration imposed on Nitschke as like something out of North Korea. Mr Perron said conditions imposed on Dr Nitschke made him almost wonder if he was still in a western country in 2015. He was Northern Territory Chief Minister when he introduced voluntary euthanasia legislation only to have it overturned by the Federal Government.

The 26 draconian restrictions placed on Dr Philip Nitschke, of Exit International, by the Australian Medical Board are listed at this web site.  Dr Nitschke’s lawyers are examining the restrictions.