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Rodney Syme presentation to Sydney Law School

September, 2008: Dr Rodney Syme, Vice President of DWDV and author of ‘A Good Death’ in September, 2008 was the keynote speaker at  Sydney Law School’s seminar at the University of Sydney on the moral, legal and ethical issues relating to euthanasia.  This was filmed and you can view it at:

The film is in three parts and Rodney’s presentation is followed by responses from:
–  Dr Roger Magnusson (Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the Master of Health Law degree at the Sydney Law School)
–  Dr Bernadette Tobin (Director of the Plunkett Centre for Ethics at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney) 
–  Miriam Cosic, (literary editor for The Australian)

This keynote address is in excess of one hour in duration and it is recommended to those of you that have broadband connection.


The text of this keynote address will be published here shortly

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