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Scotland: not all religious leaders are “against”

A leading Church of Scotland minister, Dr. John Cameron, will publish an article next month in “Life and Work” (the Church of Scotland magazine), positioning himself as an opponent to his church’s negative views and reaction on the End of Life Choices bill of MP Margo MacDonald. He thinks that Dignitas is providing a “much needed service” and that Brittain is exporting its ethical dilemma’s overseas. British National Health Service’s claim that palliative care is available for all “is false”.

“Having access to physician-assisted suicide allows the patient to maintain control over his or her situation and to end life in an ethical and merciful manner. Having such access in our own country would remove the necessity of a premature journey to a foreign country and dying among strangers – surely the ultimate unintended consequence of opposition by the Christian community.”

Dr Cameron was minister at Stephens and West Parish Church, Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, for 34 years before retiring last year.


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