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Spanish documentary on free choices at the end of life asks support for crowdfunding

Two non-profit associations, the AFDMD of Spain, which is dedicated to the defense of the rights of dignified death, and GUTTA CAVAT, specialized in film-making, are collaborating to bring this project to life. With this documentary we want to break the taboo surrounding death, raising a constructive debate about legislation and regulations in regards to euthanasia and assisted suicide. We have been recording interviews for months, while creating a support network. In order to finance the production costs, we have open a crowdfunding campaign. Every day, more people join, but we need to be many more.

Because of this, we are asking you and similar institutions to assist us by broadcasting this project. We would be very grateful if you could share it with your networks. We believe that a dignified death does not have geographical boundaries, and that the more we collaborate between countries, the fastest this will be recognized.

You can  find more information in ENGLISH.

Informazzione addizionale en Italiano.