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Spanish prisoner asking for euthanasia subject of legal trial

On July 8, a Spanish judge has given the green light to a gunman severely injured in his arrest to go ahead with his euthanasia request prior to trial. Two weeks later however, the court has suspended the euthanasia that was going to be practiced on July 28.

Marin Eugen Sabau, 46, shot and injured a number of people before barricading himself in and shooting at police. During the incident, he was shot in the spine causing him severe injuries.

On July 8, the court has decided that the euthanasia should not be interrupted. The accusation -exercising the Prosecutor’s Office and those injured during the incident- had asked to stop euthanasia so that justice is done. But the judge rejects it because the “fundamental right” to freedom and to decide on life and death prevails and because the Euthanasia Law does not provide for the intervention of judges in any case. In parallel, the magistrate has agreed to Sabau’s request to declare as investigated.

This judgment has been revisited on July 21, waiting for the court to resolve the appeal against his decision to authorize assisted dying. The investigating court orders to inform the Penitentiary Hospital Center of Terrassa (Barcelona), where the accused is imprisoned, that “the entire euthanasia process” is paralyzed until the appeal is resolved.

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