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Swiss Lifecircle calls for global recognition of assisted suicide

On World Right to Die Day, the Swiss Right to Die Society and member of the WFRtDS, Lifecircle, demonstrated in Bern. They called for the legalization of assisted suicide all over the world, and emphasize that this would stop the sometimes criticized Swiss “death tourism”.

Each year, Switzerland sees people from all over the world who come over to the country with the sole reason to die. This is due to the fact that organizations like Lifecircle and DIGNITAS are willing to assist them, as assisted suicide is not illegal in the European country.

These organizations stand for their help to foreigners and see it as their duty. However, it might be even better when this would not be necessary. Erika Preisig, President of Lifecircle, believes if every country were to allow assisted suicide, people could die at home without the additional suffering of having to travel, in some cases long distances, to Switzerland.

Watch the video in which Erika Preisig explains what she wants and how this works:
Swiss advocate calls for global recognition of assisted suicide – SWI