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Tasmanian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill will be debated

The new Tasmanian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2016 Bill will be debated in the House of Assembly on 24 May 2017.



It will provide the possibility for people at the end of their lives and with intolerable and unrelievable suffering to get assistance in dying.


The criteria are that people will have to be competent adults and make three self-initiated voluntary and informed requests. At least two doctors, involved voluntarily and independent of each other, will have to confirm that all the requirements for eligibility have been met. Also, an additional safeguard of statutory monitoring, scrutiny and reporting to Parliament is in place. An independent Registrar will have responsibilities for information, education and guidelines, to monitor and review and for an annual report to Parliament.


The Tasmanian Bill is based on research in Australia and overseas, and is closest to the model of assisted dying in Canada. Assisted dying legislation is increasing. There are now 16 jurisdictions with some form of legal assisted dying, 7 since the last Tasmanian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in 2013.


DWD Tasmania states they support the bill. A rally to voice support for the Bill is being organised on the 24th of May in front of Parliament House.


To see the full text of the Bill (in English), click here.