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The alternative to euthanasia?

August 14, 2009:  Adam Brimelow, health correspondent to BBC News, reports on the suggestion that continuous deep sedation (CDS) is being (mis)used as “slow euthanasia” in many cases in the UK. In his article “The alternative to euthanasia?” he reports on the views of a number of experts in the UK and a researcher from the Netherlands.


Comment (Rob Jonquiere):  CDS and euthanasia are two conmpletely different  things, but – unfortunately ?? –  both with the same result: death of the patient. Not only is (non)communication around this kind of decisions a major issue, it is also important to realise that whether it is the one or the orther is mostly the outcome of doctor’s thinking and deciding.  Even if communication has been good, the choice between the two will be extremely difficult, if not impossible for a patient (at the weakest possible moment in his/her life!) to make against a doctor who emotionaly rather gives CDS then the (in many countries illegal; but the same goes for Ducth doctors where it islegal under conditions!) euthanasia.