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The Dutch Week of Euthanasia 2017

Next week it’s the Dutch ‘Week van de Euthanasie’ (Week of Euthanasia). This is a yearly event, organised by the Dutch Right-to-Die society (NVVE) since 2012. 


During this week (February 11 to February 17), a lot of events take place in order to raise awareness of dying with dignity. This year’s NVVE-program contains three main events.


The week takes off with a symposium for people younger than 40, to discuss euthanasia amongst youth. On Wednesday a debate on the issue of ‘weary of life’ is organised, facilitating a dialogue on the topic amongst elderly people. On Thursday the Paul van Eerden Award will be given to the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports. This will be awarded to her for her contribution to the debate on euthanasia and dementia. 


Usually the topic of Right-to-Die gets a lot attention in the Dutch media during this week. Besides the NVVE-program, other events take place. Both supporters and opponents of euthanasia use this week to debate the topic.



For the program of the NVVE (in Dutch), click here.