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The Last Hotel – An Irish Opera on End-of-life

From The Irish Independent, by Sophie Gorman: An opera about assisted suicide sounds like anything but fun, but when have the festive joys of the carvery buffet been celebrated in opera? Both meet quite magnificently when the devilishly dark and brilliant mind of Enda Walsh gets together with musical maestro Donnacha Dennehy. ‘The Last Hotel’ speaks to us about living, about breathing, about being. Powerful stuff. The dynamic is deliciously slow to emerge – where they are, why they are here, who will leave here?  For here is  the last hotel, and it will be the last night for one of them. Directed and written by Walsh, with music composed by Dennehy, ‘The Last Hotel’ is a wonderful marriage of traditional opera-style singing with edgy, contemporary classical music and incredibly naturalistic and gleefully irreverent lyrics.