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Toronto Welcomes the World

Challenge in Choice
World Federation of Right to Die Societies
16th Biennial Conference

Toronto, Ontario
September 7 to 10, 2006TORONTO, March 17, 2006 — Dying with Dignity Executive Director, Don Babey, announced the upcoming conference of the World Right to Die Societies in Toronto on September 7 to 10, 2006.

Dying with Dignity is Canada’s largest choice in dying organization, with over 3,000 members across Canada. Established in 1982, Dying with Dignity, a Canadian society concerned with the quality of dying, has been supporting members with difficult decisions at end of life and working towards increasing choices in dying for over 25 years.

DWD is a member of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies – an international body representing 40 organizations from 23 countries around the world, all working to ensure better choices at the end of life.

The 16th biennial World Federation Conference will take place at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, the first time the conference has been held in North America in six years.

Guest speakers to include:

  • George Felos, a nationally recognized expert in right-to die cases, and lawyer for Terri Schaivo
  • Dr Robert Buckman, a medical oncologist at the Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre and a world-renowned motivational speaker
  • Jocelyn Downie, Canada Research Chair in Health and Law, Dalhousie University and author Dying Justice: A case for Decriminalizing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Canada
  • Dr. Rob Jonquiere, CEO NVVE – Right to Die Society – The Netherlands
  • Arthur Schafer, Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, at the University of Manitoba

Presentation topics to include:

  • The Truth Behind the Rhetoric – What is Working around the World and Why
  • Nudging the Law – How to Move Legalized Aid-in-Dying Forward
  • Effecting Social Change – Progressive Social Movements, Historical Perspective

The conference is open to all members of the public, with special rates for members of Dying with Dignity.

“Dying with Dignity is proud and excited to host this important gathering for the first time in Canada”, Babey said. “It was always a dream of our founding Executive Director, Marilynne Seguin, a dream that is soon to become reality”.

Present to make the announcement today, along with Mr. Babey, was Cynthia St John, World Federation of Right to Die Societies board member, and Dr Rob Jonquiere, CEO of NVVE – Right to Die Society of the Netherlands.

For Information: Don Babey

, Executive Director, Dying with Dignity (416.486.3998)

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