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Uruguayan Lower House committee passed a bill approving euthanasia

On Tuesday September 6, the Health Committee of Uruguay’s Lower House has passed a bill approving euthanasia.

The bill

The bill consists of 12 articles and combines the original text submitted by Congressman Ope Pasquet from the Colorado Party and the opposition Frente Amplio (FA – Broad Front) proposal.

“Any person of legal age, psychically fit, who suffers from one or more chronic, incurable and irreversible pathologies or health conditions that seriously undermine their quality of life, causing them unbearable suffering, has the right to be euthanized at their request and through the procedure established in the present law, so that their death takes place in a painless, peaceful and respectful way to their dignity”, states article 2 of the bill, that was introduced earlier this year.

From our board

After tough debate, Deputies adjusted terms for euthanasia: it will be applied to patients “in a terminal state”.
After a tough debate that lasted more than 12 hours, the bill to allow euthanasia in Uruguay was approved in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies on October 5. It will now pass to the Senate. Among the changes that were agreed upon are: 1) that it be applied to terminal patients, excepting quadriplegic patients who are in irreversible health conditions and with intolerable suffering; 2) the creation of an “honorary commission” to review euthanasia procedures once they have been carried out.

What’s next?

The body is now to debate the issue in a plenary session, probably next month.

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