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Victim of traffic accident colours the French right to die debate

Vincent Lambert – a young man since 5 years in coma after a traffic accident – has become the centre of an heated debate on end-of-life decisions in France. His wife and the medical team decided, completely in accordance with the Leonetti Law and thus legally, to let him die. However his parents – fierce Catholics – did not agree and decided to have him kept alive. Even the court has ordered for him to be resuscitated.

Since then his case is sent to one instance after another, a process that takes months. His wife – knowing he would not have wanted to live in this circumstance – is miserable. Unfortunately Vincent did not make a living will (but who at such age does that? RJ). A final decision now has to be made by a special medical commission, chaired by…. (you never guess!) dr. Leonetti. This commission will not come to a decision before this summer.

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