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Washington Death with Dignity Act Report 2011 published

According to Death with Dignity National Center “publication of the Washington Death with Dignity Act Report 2011 attracted little media attention. Robb Miller of Compassion & Choices Washington reporst on his blogg  “The lack of interest from the media tells us there was nothing sensational and no controversies to report. On the other hand, less media coverage means less awareness about the law.

Only 16 more people received prescriptions for life-ending medication as compared to 2010, and only 10 more died after receiving prescriptions. Of the 94 individuals who died, 70 self-administered medication, and 19 didn’t—32% of patients who acquired prescriptions in 2011 elected not to take the medication. This is bad news for opponents who claimed that people who use the law would be anxious to die and would take the medication prematurely. The report indicates just the opposite.

The 2011 report can be found here.