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Americans want option to hasten death if faced with dementia

This January, our member organisation Final Exit Network (FEN) conducted a nationwide poll exploring how concerned Americans are about dementia and how they feel about having options for hastening their death rather than endure the loss of selfhood caused by dementia.

The vast majority of Americans, 86%, think dementia is a serious problem. While the idea of giving still competent adults with early-stage dementia options for hastening their death rather than endure dementia’s fate might be new to many people —31% were neutral or unsure about the idea— many more supported the idea than opposed it.
Over half of respondents, 53%, supported the idea that competent individuals with early-stage
dementia should be able to legally stipulate, for their future incompetent selves, that they want food
and drink withdrawn and for doctors to keep them comfortable so they can die peacefully.


Read more on the website of Final Exit Network.