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Associazione Luca Coscioni publishes press release

In reaction to the acquittal of Mina Welby and Marco Cappato by the Court of Appeal of Massa on the 27th of July, Associazione Luca Coscioni came with a press release (Italian). You can read the English version below. (Thanks to Joop Agterberg for the translation.)

Acquittal for Marco Capato and Mina Welby
On July 27, Mina Welby and Marco Cappato were acquitted by the Court of Appeal of Massa of the accusation of instigation and assistance to suicide for the death of Davide Trentini. Reason for the acquittal: the fact does not exist regarding the instigation to commit suicide (article 580 of the Penal Code) and the fact does not constitute a crime in the light of the judgment of the Constitutional Court 242/19. This was the decision of the judges of the Court of Massa, at the end of the hearings, in which the Public Prosecutor had asked for a 3-year and 4-month prison sentence.

Marco Cappato and Mina Welby: “Our action of civil disobedience will continue until the Parliament has decided to discuss the popular initiative proposal of law for legalizing euthanasia, discussion that has been waiting for 7 years.”