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Church of Scotland to re-examine opposition

The majority of Commissioners at the General Assembly voted in favour of a countermotion which expressed recognition that there is a range of theological views and ethical opinions on assisted dying within the Church.

It instructed the Faith Impact Forum, the Theological Forum and other relevant parties to explore such views and opinions and report to a future General Assembly.

Reacting to the vote, Rev Karen Hendry, convener of the Faith Impact Forum, said: “The conversations that we had (in the General Assembly hall) were very deep and meaningful and took us to a very human place.

“This has opened up the dialogue, it is a very real and emotive issue for people.

“Everyone has experience of a loved one dying at some point and this is something that is important to all of us – what does it mean to have a good death?

The discussion comes against the backdrop of the introduction of the Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament for debate.

“This is an opportunity to take some time and reflect on what that means to us and how we develop our thinking and faith alongside that.

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