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Connecticut MAiD Bill seems to stall in the legislative session

House Bill 6425, that was introduced early this year in the Connecticut Legislature, and also passed the committee, seems to stall now.

Democrats on the Senate screening committee have decided it should also be considered by the Judiciary Committee before it receives a vote in their chamber. The measure did not advance beyond the Judiciary Committee last year. Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney and Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, who lead the screening committee, did not return calls seeking comment on the likelihood of a vote in their chamber. Instead, they issued a joint statement: “The Senate screening committee will refer Senate Bill 88, An Act Concerning Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill Patients, to the Judiciary Committee for review as was done with a similar bill from last year. The bill deals with the issue of legal liability and/or exemptions from such liability for physicians and with actions regarding the competency of a person to make a choice to end his or her life thus falling within the cognizance of the Judiciary Committee.”

What’s next?

A cohort of legislators on the Judiciary Committee who are in favor of the bill are making a late push to try to win enough support from their peers to advance the measure. Despite the limited time left, they remain optimistic the proposal could make its way to the Senate.

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