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Dutch RTD Society introduces brochure on Stop Eating and Drinking (STED)

To meet the high demand for information, the Dutch Right to Die Society NVVE has compiled a free brochure ‘Consciously stop eating and drinking’. The brochure was written by general practitioner-researcher Eva Bolt and is intended for people (and their loved ones) who are considering this method themselves and for primary care. “We receive more and more questions from our members about it and would like to provide more clarity about this method,” says Fransien van ter Beek, chairman of the NVVE Executive Board.

Consciously stopping eating and drinking is a subject that requires a lot of explanation, understanding and guidance. The NVVE receives more and more questions about this from its members: does it lead to a painless death, what steps do I take in the preparation, do I need a treatment ban, what happens to my body and my mind, how do I involve my loved ones and my doctor? Enough reason to share more knowledge about it. The NVVE does this with this extensive, accessible brochure that is freely available to everyone.

Eva Bolt

Eva Bolt, general practitioner researcher at the Amsterdam UMC, spoke with patients, relatives, doctors and nurses during the creation of the brochure ‘Consciously stopping eating and drinking’. She also did her own research: ‘Primary care patients hastening death by voluntarily stopping eating and drinking’. Eva Bolt says that she always advises stopping eating and drinking in the presence of doctors and loved ones. This is because you can get confused and get pain during the process.

The last days of Floor Haak

The brochure was recently launched during a lecture by the NVVE. In addition, the documentary ’13 days’ was also watched, a film about Floor Haak’s decision to stop eating and drinking and the 13 days that follow. At Floor’s request, son Gijs filmed the trial. On is the link for this documentary. The NVVE podcast with the other son, Michiel Haak, can also be listened to. He is a nurse and shares his experiences from his dual role.

During the digital lecture, Eva Bolt said: “In the film it is very well prepared, everyone seemed to agree and supported him, the gp was present. So I think it went very nicely. But it certainly doesn’t always go that way. Unfortunately not.” You can watch the lecture here.

More information?

Go to for all information about Stop Eating and Drinking, such as the digital lecture, the documentary and the podcasts. You can also download or request the brochure here.