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DWD Canada publishes Annual Report 2023

The report opens with the reality that 2023 has been an overwhelmingly challenging year; due to a barrage of misinformation about Canada’s assisted dying legislation circulating in the media, the organisation’s support team has had to field questions from supporters, journalists, and members of the public as people sought clarification.

Amid the controversy, a 2023 Ipsos poll confirmed overwhelming support for medical assistance in dying from people across the country;

  • 82 per cent of people across Canada support an advance request for MAID
    for individuals diagnosed with a grievous and irremediable condition.
  • 80 per cent agree that, with the appropriate safeguards in place, an adult
    with the capacity to provide informed consent should be able to seek an
    assessment for medical assistance in dying, and if eligible, receive MAID
    for a severe, treatment-resistant mental disorder for which they experience
    intolerable suffering.
  • 73 per cent believe that publicly funded health care facilities should be
    required to provide the full range of health care services, including MAID,
    if they have the proper equipment and staff to do so. Interestingly, 73 per
    cent of those who identify as Catholic and 63 per cent of Protestants also
    support this statement

Though the steady progress of Canada’s assisted dying legislation felt jeopardized,
the resilient community of volunteers, donors, and countless supporters rose to the challenge to unite on common goals and vision that everyone can choose their good death.

Read Dying With Dignity Canada’s 2023 Annual Report here.