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DWD Canada starts Grief Literacy Campaign

On May 6, 2021, Dying With Dignity Canada will be launching a six-week Grief Literacy Campaign. The campaign consists of 6 webinars, all free of charge.

Week 1 (May 6): How we grieve: A national perspective

Susan Cadell and Katherine Kortes-Miller will discuss some of their own research on death, dying, and grief. They will explore the importance of including conversations about grief in public spaces, outside of clinical and institutional contexts. Read more

Week 2 (May 10): Grief and medical assistance in dying (MAID) 

Is the grief experienced following a MAID death different than what is experienced when a death is unexpected? What are the common myths and misconceptions about grief and MAID? We will explore this and more during this webinar. Read more

Week 3 (May 19): Approaches to death and dying, grief and healing in First Nation communities

We will be joined by two Indigenous Elders who will speak on various Indigenous traditions and beliefs related to death, dying and grief, as well as how dying people and those who are grieving are supported. Read more

Week 4 (May 26): How to be there for someone who is grieving 

Learn from Dr. Melissa Melnitzer about the do’s and don’ts of being there for someone who is grieving. DWDC volunteer, Jenny Hasselman, will share her personal experience with grief following the death of her mom in 2018. Read more

Week 5 (May 31): Children and grief: Perspectives, support and discussions

Grief counsellor, Lisa Robinson, will discuss how to best understand and support a child through grief and how to honour their unique experiences. Read more

Week 6 (June 9): Cultural humility and grief

What is Cultural Humility? How does it infuse our grieving and state of bereavement? By what means is it based on personal culture? Where has ‘Cultural Competence’ failed? Read more