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First news from Austria since it has an assisted suicide law

On the 14th of April, the 57-year-old Andrea Mielke was the first woman from Salzburg to opt for assisted suicide. Due to a rare genetic defect, she was dependent on a wheelchair all her life and since her youth she has been committed to a self-determined life with a disability.

Assisted suicide has been legally possible in Austria since the beginning of the year. Two doctors must confirm the free will of the person willing to die, as well as the fact that the person suffers from a disease leading to death. After a waiting period of twelve weeks, the assistance can be issued.

Andrea Mielke fought all her life as an activist for the rights of disabled people and for a life with personal assistance. The right that her assistant Adi can be there for her around the clock, the Salzburg woman had to fight in court.

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