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First non-terminal case of euthanasia in Colombia

On Sunday October 10, Martha Sepúlveda, suffering from ALS, will become the first person in Colombia who will die by legally authorized euthanasia, without having a terminal prognosis.

Although her illness is not leading to death within 6 months, euthanasia is accesible for her. Last July Colombia’s constitutional court ruled that the acces to euthanasia — recognized here in 1997 — applies not only to terminal patients, but also to those with “intense physical or mental suffering from bodily injury or serious and incurable disease.” Read more: Colombian court liberalized euthanasia criteria – The World Federation of Right to Die Societies (

Read more about her story on the website of the Washington Post: She’s 51, a mother and a devout Catholic. She plans to die by euthanasia on Sunday. – The Washington Post