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Fourth evaluation of the Dutch Euthanasia law has been published

On Tuesday the 30th of May, the fourth evaluation report on The Dutch Termination of Life on Request and Assisted Suicide Act (Wtl) has been published. This report describes the fourth evaluation of the Wtl, covering the period 2017-2022. The previous evaluation of the Dutch Euthanasia law has been published in 2017.

The NVVE, the Dutch Right-to-Die Society, is very pleased with the conclusion of the researchers that the Wtl still has a high degree of care and transparency and sees an encouraging shift in the attitude of doctors and public opinion towards euthanasia and self-determination. “Support for self-determination over one’s own life and death is greater than ever,” says the NVVE in response to the publication of the fourth evaluation of the euthanasia law (Law on the review of termination of life on request and assisted suicide). The survey shows that sixty percent of the Dutch believe that everyone should have this right. In 2016 and 2010 this was 53 and 49 percent respectively.

Read the full report (in Dutch) below. There is an English summary on page 23.

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