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Go Gentle gets new CEO: Dr Linda Swan

This month, Go Gentle Board director Andrew Denton announced the change of the Go Gentle Chief Executive Officer: Kiki Paul made space for Dr Linda Swan. Linda will begin her new role in October.

Andrew Denton:

I’m delighted to introduce our new Chief Executive, Dr Linda Swan. Linda has been Group Chief Medical Officer at Medibank since 2015, and brings with her not just a wealth of knowledge and contacts across the medical professions, but also frontline experience as a former GP.

Under Linda’s leadership, we will:

•   Defend existing VAD laws from those who seek to dismantle them

•   Advocate for less-prohibitive access to VAD for all, no matter your postcode

•   Educate our medical profession about the option of VAD

•   Support our most vulnerable – those who are terminally ill.

Of course, Linda’s arrival means we are bidding farewell to our founding CEO Kiki Paul, who is standing aside after six outstanding years shepherding us from a tiny startup to the respected national voice we’re proud to be. I couldn’t be more grateful to Kiki, and am very pleased she will join our Board.