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In Italy, a referendum to legalize euthanasia is filed

Tuesday 20 April, our Italian member organisation Luca Coscioni filed a referendum to legalize euthanasia. The Referendum is further promoted by Italian Radicals, Italian Socialist Party, Eumans, Volt, PiĆ¹ Europa, Possibile, Consulta di Bioetica ONLUS and by all associations, movements or parties that want to unite.

The question to be asked to the people of Italy is the following: Do you want to repeal Article 579 of the Criminal Code (homicide on request), paragraph 1 limited to the following words ‘imprisonment from six to fifteen years’; paragraph 2 in full; paragraph 3 limited to the following words ‘Shall they apply’?

Mina Welby, Co-President of the Luca Coscioni Association, thinks they can manage to collect the 500,000 signatures in July, August and September.

Read all about the referendum on the special website: Referendum Eutanasia Legale.
Note: Our Italian supporter Joop Agterberg wrote an explanation (in English) of the referendum: