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Massachusetts nurses support passing death with dignity bill

This month, 14 nurses from Massachusetts spoke out their support for passing a death with dignity bill. They published an opinion in the Telegram & Gazette on December 23 in which they stated:

We support passing The End of Life Options Act (House Bill #4782, Senate Bill #2745) because we’ve cared for terminally ill patients for a cumulative total of nearly 200 years, and seen too many leave this world in severe pain and often prolonged, unrelieved suffering.

Further on, they say:

The bill was passed in May by the Joint Committee on Public Health, and now it is awaiting a vote by the Joint Committee on HealthCare Finance. We urge the public to join us in contacting our legislators, and urging them to support passage of this bill before the session is over at the end of this month.   

Then contact people you know all over the state, and urge them to take similar action.   More information and ways to get involved in this campaign can be found at

Read the full article: Opinion: Massachusetts nurses support passing death with dignity bill (

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