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Netherlands: 20% increase euthanasia cases psychiatric condition

Annual figures of the Regional Euthanasia Review Committee (RTE) has shown that there was a 20% increase in the number of times euthanasia was administered to people with a psychiatric condition. Euthanasia was granted 138 times in 2023 to people with a mental condition versus 115 times in 2022. The Euthanasia Expertise Center (EE), which carried out almost half, noted this increase in its annual report. That said, there are a number of incidences in which not only psychiatry plays a role.

The EE also notes that, “the number of psychiatrists who are open to euthanasia care is increasing. We are increasingly asked to share our knowledge.”

Read the Euthanasia Expertise Center’s full report here: EE_2023_in_beeld_web_150.pdf (