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New Italian website on aid in dying developments worldwide

Our supporter Joop Achterberg has developed an Italian website on aid in dying developments all over the world: FINE VITA VOLONTARIO.

Joop Achterberg is Dutch by birth and Italian by adoption. For more than 40 years he has been a member of the Dutch Association of Voluntary End-of-Life (NVVE) and currently he is boardmember of our Italian member organisation Luca Coscioni.

Earlier, he decided to use his knowledge of Dutch end of life legislation and its practical application to publish a book in Italian language under the title ” Freedom to decide – Voluntary end-of-life in holland” (2017). Now he follows the international development of legislation on euthanasia and assisted suicide, participating in international conferences, which has allowed him to meet so many people fighting for the freedom to choose how and when to die.