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ÖGHL applies to Austrian Constitutional Court

Since the legalization of euthanasia in Austria in 2022, there have been increasing reports that the Decree on Dying Provisions Act (StVfG) does not adequately grant seriously ailing people access to their “last human right”. Only around 111 death decrees have been registered.

For the Austrian Society for a Humane End of Life (ÖGHL), this is mainly due to the many hurdles and the limited information options. The StVfG is insufficient and contradictory and thus not suitable to guarantee access to euthanasia. Now, with the support of the Swiss association Dignitas – living with dignity – dying with dignity, ÖGHL wants to bring about changes in the law with a new individual application to the Constitutional Court to ensure access.

Read more:ÖGHL geht gegen Sterbeverfügungsgesetz vor | Österreichische Gesellschaft für ein humanes Lebensende, 26.06.2023 (